ACE1000 Remote Terminal Unit

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The versatile and powerful ACE1000 will deliver the timely communications you need, without having to completely redesign your current system. In a new, compact package, the ACE1000 is the Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) that will facilitate higher reliability and interoperability at a lower cost. Its powerful processor combined with FLASH and RAM memory allows this RTU to be used in the most demanding SCADA environments. Easy to install and use with a web-based easy-programming tool, the ACE1000 Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) is great for starting a new SCADA system or adding to an existing one. Available for order starting on August 1, 2014 Compact and Rugged DesignReady for the field RTU in a more compact package Motorola Radio SupportSupports all Motorola Radio systems (ASTRO, Tetra, MOTOTRBO) Easy-Programming Tool (via WEB Browser)Easy-to-use programming tool for new SCADA users or quick installation RTC Back-up BatteryBack-up battery to ensure system reliability (at least 20 days @ 25C) 256 MB of FLASH Memory and 256 MB of RAM MemoryLarge memory capability for storing and backing-up information IECEx/ ATEX – EXnA IIC T4 (Cat 3/Zone 2)Compliant with ATEX regulations (without radio, in ATEX approved enclosure) 9-30 VDC Input Voltage RangePowerful processing for demanding SCADA environments Sleep/Low-Power ModePower-saving option for when environment is not as demanding 3rd Party Modem SupportCellular modem, leased line modem, data radio, and/or broadband radio support

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