Two-Way Radio Programming and Configuration

In years gone by two-way radio users defined the frequency, pl, and dpl of the portable and mobile radios ordered so the manufacturer could handle this task. Today’s portable and mobile radios are computers in disguise.

All the features of these two-way radio products are determined by an external computer program. This software is used to configure the personality of your equipment. Manufacturers mandate the use of current licensed software to maintain the integrity of their warranties.

Regional Communications will help you define the functionality you require and complete the task of programming your equipment.

Coverage and Propagation Analysis:

  • What will my coverage be?
  • Where will my portables work?
  • Which is the best antenna site to use?

Have Regional Comm do a computer based coverage survey before you make any changes to your wide area radio system. Using our computerized topographical data base, Regional will produce colored maps, specific to your system, that will show the predicted radio coverage for mobiles or portables.

Planning on putting in a broadband wireless Ti circuit? Let Regional generate a point to point study that will let you know how much reserve the path may require.

Improve your talk in coverage by adding satellite voting receivers. Regional propagation studies can show you where the best sites to locate your equipment would be.