DigitalPatroller DP-2

DigitalPatroller DP-2
Type:Software Applications
Brand:Motorola Solutions
Model: DP2

DigitalPatroller DP-2 is an in-vehicle video system designed and built specifically for use by law enforcement. It is rugged enough to run continuously inside a moving police vehicle. The mobile data management system automatically records and stores video and audio to a ruggedized hard drive. Once back at headquarters, video is stored and catalogued in a digital video library, and can be found and retrieved in minutes.


Helps Protect your Officers and the Public

Having thorough, well-catalogued audio and video records of all your officers' interactions with suspects and the public discourages spurious accusations against the officers and frivolous lawsuits against your department, helping your department protect its reputation and maintain trust in the community.

Suspects faced with video evidence are less likely to dispute charges against them in court. Your ability to produce such evidence may mean the difference between an officer having to sit in court and testify, and an officer able to stay on patrol.

Easy to Use
Recording automatically activates when triggered by an event such as light bar being turned on, exceeding a speed threshold, door opening/closing or a crash. Because the system is on continuously, it can even be configured to retain video and audio from a few minutes before the triggering event.

Designed for Law Enforcement
An officer patrolling the streets deserves better than hardware designed for a desk job. That's why DP-2 was designed from the ground up to operate in police vehicles. It's ruggedized to deal with the vibration of a moving car. In-vehicle storage can be made redundant, or even fully solid-state, ensuring that video continues to be captured even through the most severe vibrations.

Multiple Cameras
Video data can be captured through one camera or two cameras simultaneously. Like other parts of the DP-2 system, the cameras are built to work through the temperature and voltage fluctuations and extreme vibrations that can occur inside a police cruiser.

Sound with Video
Besides video, DP-2 also records audio evidence. The wireless microphone worn by the officer is built to synchronize with the recorded video.

Find the Video you Need
The Digital Video Management System that handles back-end operations for DP-2 maintains a catalog of all video taken, broken down by date and time, type of incident, officers involved, etc. This helps save many staff hours of manually cataloguing video tapes. Because the video is digital, it can be easily copied ? to share with other authorities, help build a case, train other officers, or simply for backups. With your IT staff performing proper backups, the risk of data loss is substantially lower than for VHS media libraries. 

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